How to Eat in a Town Fiesta

How to Eat in a Town Fiesta

Having born and raised in Manila, I never really had the chance to experience a real town fiesta. Do not pity me, our parish does have fiesta in honor of our patron saint. However, it is not as fun as how other places celebrate it. By “real” fiesta, I mean house hopping and getting stuffed with dishes every house has to offer.

I believe I mentioned in the previous blog something about learning…

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Last weekend’s highlight was the 2-hour motorcycle trip to tagaytay for this goto batangas. #food

Wicked oreos just got a lot wicked-er with vanilla ice cream, shaved chocolate, mallows, and speinkles! #food #kitchencollab

Boyfriend and i’s pahealthy dinner could give la taqueria a run for their money lol tuna in soft corn tacos #kitchencollabs #food