our kyot baby-powdered faces. this is what you get for playing good old lucky nine. good thing we didn’t use lipstick (mahal daw kase ang lipstick nila) and charcoal.

winner pa din ang pawisin and oily face! guess who. HAHAHAHA

sending my warmest welcome to mommy rizel aka @followmeiamzelle! (such an epal username!) HAHAHAHA wololong. imissUSalltogether

im sorry, such an unglamorous photo of us two :P HAHAHA

this is my 2,222nd post by the way :P

the kiddo me so happy in a bike! HAHAHA

mind you, this isnt a poser pic. i am actually driving a bike, with a sidecar nga lang with @tinkertickle in it, for more balance, because i dont actually know how to ride one. i got a lot of busina’s, beep-beep’s and hoy masasagasaan ka na as bonuses but hell, ilahvbikingwithorwithouttheskills!!!

photo also features my favorite damuhan/talahiban in the whole world :)

til next happy biking, sana totoo na nextime please LOL


played bingo for the first time. no taya but whoever wins most rounds will have an uber merry lovelife in 2011. 

i pitted against @tinkertickle and @paololausin. in the end, i won four out of seven games!!! woohooo!!!

so sana, magkatotoo naman yung pinagagagawa namen sa game :P dear beginner’s luck, please extend your goodness to my lovelife this 2011. HAHAHA

we EK-ed like kids january 2010. wazzup for 2011?!

lez us! camown! i miss ultimate riooot! lez paputok at zelle’s tomorrow! papagalitan na naman tayo ng neighbors!!! :P


I was browsing some pictures when I found out that Ted, Paolo &I have Flying Fiesta pics and they’re all NICE!! ;)

Credits to Paolo for my pic &Ted’s. ;) ♥ But I swear, I envy Ted’s happy moment in the ayerrr!!

PS. Who got the best ‘EK’s Flying Fiesta’ Shot?? :)

why oh why wonder with the concept? HAHAHA ang riot pa din :P



Lady Emmarie Alfon see the concept??! :)) haha

Paolo Lausin the usok haha

Pao-Kae Lleno hindi un.. boy-girl combi ang concept! haha.

Ted Bullanday lahat kayo may linear effect ako epal with kitty prints HAHAHA SARRREEEEH

Stephanie Ann Marie Abellera hahaha..ntawa q thread n2..yoko n mag comment..=)))


‘Coz I miss RIOT moments with them. MERRY CHRISTMAS, my Riot peeps. I miss y’all!! Much LOVE. ♥


Photo Memories: Day One :) by Pao-Kae Lleno

(Source: tinkertickledlady, via paololausin)


Ayan na! @asteorra. :) Hehe

Major ingget lang ako!! Woooo!! I swear.. I won’t be absent on the next RIOT!!

honestly, i was pushy with the editing of this photo simply because i have well-behaved bangs here. plus, the hipster glasses perfectly landed on my cheeks, with the upper rim just exactly on my eyebrow’s level. HAHAHA yes, they need to be cited, appreciated and recognized. BOW.

*thank you tinkertickle for the editing, i appreciate the bright misty effect :D