ANXIETY ATTACKS (Good Thing, Star Girl's there)

  • Ted Bullanday: dont be. if you know what you want and you know that this is exactly the opportunity. then go. there's nothing to be afraid of
  • but cmon. you might think you are happy with what you're doing right now yet it's not actually what you're doing you are happy with, but with the people you are working with. that makes it hard for you to let go.
  • Lady Emmarie Alfon: ooooooooops. press release comment there?.. :| *sigh* it's just like a punch on my chest. bigat.
  • Ted Bullanday: ay sorry naman. i think kase, it's the emotional attachment that's dragging you. but cmon, people, if they really do care, will be there. opportunities like this one comes but once in a while. you have to grab it like it's the last spark to fuel the fire.
  • Lady Emmarie Alfon: yea &im fortunate that i got the chance. isa syang suntok sa bwan lalo na sa mga panahong ganto sa Pinas.. im really lucky &blessed. :') thanks, Ted. you, Ms. Confucius, really don't confuse me. ;)